City votes to encourage anti-capitalist protest


Well, my attention was drawn to Ben Quinn’s article in the Guardian, following a Freedom of Information request.

He had obtained slides (see above) from a City of London Police presentation given to nursery and school staff, intended to help them prepare for the possibility that London could be a target for terrorist attacks.

You will note that the Occupy movement is identified along with Al Qaeda and the IRA as part of the City’s recent history “of terrorism and domestic issues”.

So at Common Council this month I asked Mark Boleat, the Chairman of Policy, how this   fits into our longer term Prevent Strategy, due to have been adopted by the Council.

Here is my question:

Hackney Preacher:  My Lord Mayor, I’m aware that the City of London Police has been giving various presentations to school and pre-school carers about the dangers of terrorist activity and how to spot it and I’ve seen a slide that includes, alongside reference to Al Qaeda and the IRA, a reference to the Occupy Movement. My Lord Mayor, I’m wondering what other measures we’re taking in the City Corporation – through this Prevent strategy -to enable those with responsibility for young children to ensure that their charges don’t grow up into lefty, anti-capitalist protesters?”

Chairman of Policy: “I’m sure that lefty anti-capitalist protesters are all part of a thriving democracy.”

Town Clerk: “This strategy is to agree? All in favour? All against?”

There is unanimous support for the City Corporation decision to encourage lefty anti-capitalist protest as part of its Prevent strategy.