Big Potatoes, Small Patch #goodfriday

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Potatoes should be planted on Good Friday? That’s what they say.

But that’s not all they say: they also say that around the previous Michaelmas you need to use your soil testing kit to ensure the right balance between nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. And then (depending on the results) between Candlemas and Ash Wednesday you need to add sulphur to lower or lime to raise its pH level. And then through Lent you need to allow the soil to settle. And then on Mothering Sunday you need to lay your potato seeds in a dry, warm and reasonably sunny place and allow to chit (or sprout) for just under three weeks. And on Passion Sunday you need to dig a trench and cover with compost or manure. Then on Palm Sunday to cut the seed potatoes and ensure that each has an eye or sprouting shoot and leave through holy week in a room resting at around 70 Fahrenheit.  Then on Good Friday, you need to plant them out in trenches 4 inches deep and 1 foot apart and then bury the potatoes beneath mounds of dirt. Make sure the eyes are buried facing the heavens.

That’s what they say, but where are the green fingers in all that?

My preferred practice is to plant the potatoes in their earthen tomb once three hour devotions on Good Friday are done and the hot cross buns are in the oven. And to keep them well watered. And pray for a good crop.


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photo credit: vicar’s wife